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Expert interviews: what are the impacts of the pandemic on private credit?

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How has the pandemic changed the private credit industry? Ahead of SuperReturn Private Credit Europe, we spoke to our expert speakers about the impacts they have observed in the industry, and where they see it heading post-pandemic. 

Hear from:

  • Brett Hickey, Founder & CEO at Star Mountain Capital
  • Gabriella Kindert, Industry Expert in Alternative Lending


The impact of COVID-19 on private credit

How has COVID-19 impacted the private credit landscape, and how are investment strategies evolving in response? We spoke to Brett Hickey, Founder & CEO at Star Mountain Capital, as he shares his views on his observations and insights on what's next for private credit.


Private debt in COVID-19 - what's changed and where are we heading?

We spoke to Gabriella Kindert, an industry expert in alternative lending, to share her insights on the changes in strategies she's observed in the private debt industry, and her thoughts on how private debt will emerge out of the pandemic.


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