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FEI Kicks Off

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Last night FEI began here in Boston with an introduction by Robin Karol, Executive Director of the PDMA followed by The Second City, with a presentation from Bumper Carroll, Group Creative Director. Robin took the time to discuss the great relationship between the PDMA and IIR in the Front End of Innovation, as well as discuss the PDMA, its vision, goals, its presence across the globe, and the various events it has each year. I met with her very briefly afterwards and she gave me some highlights, you can listen HERE. Bumper Caroll gave a great presentation with a focus on 'Improvise to Innovate.' There were a lot of great points such as the concept of using Yes, And, to be positive and inviting as ideas are shared. It was a great presentation that had the audience participating actively including team improvised poetry. That doesn't begin to describe the mayhem, but it was a great time for us all. I recorded a snippet of the presentation you can listen to HERE. Then I had the chance to meet with Bumper afterwards and he gave some highlights which you can listen to HERE.This was followed by a great evening networking in the exhibition where I had a chance to meet with so many of the attendees, speakers and sponsors. I'll be covering the event today and I'll log in and try to update you all as the day progresses.

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FEI USA: Front End of Innovation

08 - 10 Dec 2020, Boston, MA
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