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#FEIEMEA: How To Be a 110 Year-Old Startup: Stimulating Adaptability and Intrapreneurship within a Large Bank

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A wave of new financial-technology ('fin-tech') firms, many of them just a
few years old, are changing consumer behaviors and, in doing so, are
finding and mining rich seams of profit, challenging the existing business
models and inflating a bubble of excitement among investors that
technology and the internet are about to change banking for good.

can you still be innovative as a large bank?

At FEI EMEA in Munich, Maarten Korz, Innovation Manager, Rabobank presented cases and
showed success and failures in the innovation roadmap to become an
adaptable organization including: Rabobank internal innovation course-
Virtual action learning, students get the role of teachers; Hack-a-thon
days for our employees; Innovation & creativity room; and Barcamps for
young professionals and as a recruitment tool:

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