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FEI: Front End of Innovation

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June 10-12, 2024
Omni Boston Hotel at the SeaportBoston
June 10-12, 2024
Omni Boston Hotel at the Seaport,

FEI Pre-Event Gathering

Product Innovation, Sustainability & Transformation Roundtable​

Product Innovation, Sustainability & Transformation Roundtable​

Pre-Event Gathering

No matter who you are, it seems- your definition of innovation is unique. The same is true for the definition of transformation. It seems though that patterns have emerged regarding the essence of each initiative. For innovation, the focus seems to be on revolution. Whereas the definition of transformation seems to focus on evolution. Watch the session on demand.

So when bringing the community together for the first session On The Road To FEI, we knew that we had to focus on the now immediate issue of sustainability and how to effort change both from an innovation perspective and transformation perspective.

The July 19 session opens with FEI Chair, Mike Hatrick- also Group Director IP Strategy & Portfolio at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, Volvo outlining the theme. While transformation happens at a corporate or societal level, innovation is about specifics around going to market. And so, all organizations on the planet have the opportunity to engage product innovation to accomplish greater transformative goals like sustainability. The goal is to move past sustainability as a buzzword towards embedding it as a value proposition across the enterprise. In order to do that, innovation leaders must realize the particular sustainability elements on which to take action and make change with fellow stakeholders.

Zeinab Ali, R&D Leader, Campbell then dives in on her very personal story- From One To Humanity: The Exponential Growth Of Innovation- A Three Part Case Study. Three times, innovation occurred. The first time, lessons were learned. The second time, the total addressable market for a global enterprise brand was significantly increased. The third time, everyone is involved. Zeinab Ali’s journey has weaved through an impressive list of global name brands including Oreo, Quaker, Gatorade and Tropicana. Each time she’s delivered innovation, the aperture has widened. She’s currently working on the sustainability initiative and shares how her history is informing her present.

Federico Heine, New Solutions Manager for Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean, The AES Corporation then tackles Amplifying Innovation: Reducing Carbon Footprint By Stepping Into The Metaverse. The way we work has changed forever. That also means that the way we innovate must adapt. Being in the office or depending on being in-person in an Innovation Lab is no longer a given. The fact that ‘all in-person all the time’ doesn’t have to be the way we do it moving forward opens up all sorts of possibilities and opportunities. One major opportunity is reducing the organization's carbon footprint. We’ll showcase The AES Corporation Innovation Lab to showcase at least one way that innovation can happen in a way that meets corporate sustainability missions.

Which brings us to the interactive group session: Unimportant? Buzzword? Necessary? An Imperative? Sustainability As A Value Proposition: An Interactive Group Discussion.

Sustainability is viewed in myriad ways. One way to simultaneously impress and impact customers, the C-Suite and the bottom line is to position sustainability as a value proposition for the organization. Join your like-minded change-maker peers as we discuss case studies of those already using sustainability as a value proposition, the actionable takeaways from them and what needs to be done now to build sustainability as a value proposition within global corporate enterprises.

We’re providing the opportunity to gather through roundtable discussions each month leading up to FEI. 

16 Aug, '22
Innovation Talent: From Boredom to Burnout Roundtable

Our second monthly roundtable discussion focuses on the bright light of innovation talent. Igniting innovation talent is fraught with danger as- if you’re not careful, it can lead to burnout. Navin Kunde, Head of Open Innovation- The Experience Collaborative, The Clorox Co. leads an interactive roundtable of FEI Board Members, Speakers and additional innovation leaders. The session is just one hour on Aug 16th, please add to your calendar and join us.

20 Sep., '22
Start-up Partner Roundtable

Our third roundtable discussion focuses on partnerships between start-ups and corporations. Chris Varley, Principal, Goodyear Ventures, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and Scot Wingo, CEO, Spiffy discuss their case study and then lead an interactive roundtable of FEI Board Members, Speakers and other innovation leaders. The session is just one hour on September 20th, please add to your calendar and join us.

19 Oct., '22
FEI: Front End of Innovation

Overall, the approach to innovation has evolved. While common themes have emerged, different organizations have chosen distinct paths. Front End of Innovation returns October 19-21 in Boston, MA to celebrate lessons learned together in person. Register Now.