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Finding yield in North American infrastructure

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"One of the places we find most interesting is in the North American infrastructure sector.

"It’s an appealing sector because you can get high and growing yield from monopoly type assets. These are assets where either the government is the regulator and sets the rate of return or the assets are natural monopolies like pipelines and energy transmissions. That allows you to generate a high and sustainable yield from those assets as you’re paid a fee based on the availability of supply in the network.

"In an environment where yields are low and suppressed around the world, especially fixed income, having bond like returns from an equity asset is a very attractive proposition for most investors.

"The segment is unique – these types of assets don’t exist outside of North America, and certainly not with the diverse opportunity set of differentiated companies and assets. So we’re looking at investing in pipelines, storage terminals, electricity and gas transmissions – anything where you’re paid a fee  for moving energy whether that’s molecules of liquids, gasses, or electrons in the electricity transmission network."

This video was filmed at FundForum International 2017. Find out more about the world's leading asset management event.

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