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Florida Wishes to become a more innovative state

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We wrote an earlier blog post on how Oklahoma as trying to become a creative and more innovative state. Anther state has now come out with a study that could help turn its economy innovative. I found the research via this article in the Destin Log. This new study released by Florida's Great Northwest takes a look at the states weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities to turn its current economy into an innovative space.
In order to find way to make the Florida economy more innovative, Boyette Levy found ways to aide Florida's effort through interviews of the economic leaders of the state, analysis on current innovation programs, and then a review of the policies and incentives being used in other states.
Some of the strengths that they found were: Florida's ability to attract outside talents, the state's cultural diversity, and the willingness of the state's companies and universities to work together. The weaknesses were: the tradition of a 'low cost' state, lack of start ups and early age capitol in the state, and lack of engineering and tech graduates.

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