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Fortune's 10 Most Innovative Companies

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Fortune recently came out with their list of the most innovative companies working in today's workforce. What's the running theme? They're all number one in their respective industry and they range from entertainment to medical companies.

1. Apple Apple leads the way in the computer, music and movie (Pixar) industries, and finds new and always innovative ways to share their products every year.

2. Nike Their goal is to make comfortable shoes, and they have done so leading the way in the athletic shoe industry. They've also collaborated with Apple so the shoes work with IPods.

3. Medco Health Solutions This drug management company is encouraging doctors to switch to electronic prescriptions, as well as focusing on personalized medicine.

4. Proctor and Gamble Over half of their new products come from collaboration they do with companies other than themselves.

5. Herman Miller This Wisconsin furniture maker works with customers and top designers to make revolutionize the furniture industry. They're also focusing on making it sustainable.

6. Disney Disney They're revolutionizing the digital entertainment industry.

7. Fortune Brands This small company has product placement at one or two in virtually every brand it makes.

8. Burlington No. Sante Fe This railroad company has over 32,000 route miles and is now looking to into logistics as well as safer transportation of harmful materials.

9. McDonald's
This junk food giant is going healthy, with new foods such as salads and healthy Happy Meals, as well as putting nutrition facts on all the labels.

10. ProLogis The biggest owner and operator of distribution facilities in the world is looking to make the planet a greener place. Their work on the new airport in Austin, Texas is their current highlight.

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