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'Forward Focus' Podcast Series Talks 'connectonomics' with Yahoo!

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Yahoo! Director of B2B Strategic Research and Insights Edwin Wong Delves Into Women's Social Connections in the Age of New Media

Women will impact over $13 trillion dollars in purchase decisions, estimates Yahoo's B2B strategic research head, Edwin Wong. And 40% of women interviewed said they would choose spending time on the Internet over even sex!

Edwin Wong
Director of B2B Strategic Research and Insights

In this second installment of IIR's Future Trends expert interview series, 'Forward Focus,' Wong discusses the value of online media to women, how and why they use the various platforms available, and the implications for marketers that wish to connect with women in a way that is appropriate and consistent with women's online connection norms and values.

'When you talk about what social media means, it's much bigger and broader than what we consider as marketers as social media,' said Wong. 'It's not just about Facebook. It's not just about Yahoo! It's about Twitter and where do AOL, MSN ' all of these brands that are out there, even our own personal blogs' How do they all fit into this realm of connections'?

To answer these questions and more, Yahoo! initiated a series of research with more than 3000 women. What are they looking for when it comes to connections?

'As a result, we think we've found a new way to really think about all the social connections that women have in this space,' said Wong, who will lead a symposium on the emerging concept of 'connectonomics' at IIR USA's Future Trends conference October 18-20 in Miami, Florida.

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Forward Focus is a special podcast series for IIR USA's Future Trends conference taking place October 18-20th in Miami, Florida. The podcast series features experts who will be speaking at the event and who are leading the way from best practice to next practice.

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