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Free Webinar: Developing a Foresight Mindset

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Leading an organization in these volatile and complex times
requires innovative approaches and mindsets. Trends in society, technology and
the economy are all converging in unexpected ways, forever changing how we view
the world. The companies that anticipate this shift and make the appropriate
course adjustments will be positioned to benefit from the opportunities that
result. Those that remain tied to current business practices and outdated
ways of thinking will likely fail.
Many successful businesses have begun to adopt foresight
approaches to drive market-leading innovation, successful opportunity
development, and revenue-generating futures intelligence.  Now you, too,
can learn how to leverage foresight for robust decision-making today.
Join us for this free webinar highlighting the three major
mindset shifts leaders must embrace if they are going to be successful in a
landscape where the future is constantly manifesting in the here and now. 
The presentation will include case studies showcasing how companies (both large
and small) have successfully adopted these mindsets.
Space is limited.
Save your seat here: http://bit.ly/1SBzFGo
Want more on this topic? Attend Foresight & Trends 2015,
a conference that will connect you with the world's most innovative and creative
thinkers. FT will give you the opportunity to collaborate with these
individuals and build the strategy for the future.

For more information
about the conference and to register, click here: http://bit.ly/1DTgYlg

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