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#FUSEDesign Live: Day One in Photos and Tweets

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The first day of FUSE was a lively one at the workshop, in the sessions and notably on twitter. Let's take a look at yesterday's top tweets:

"Getting information off the internet is Iike taking a drink from a fire hydrant." @

Design is a signal that something has changed. --Janet Froelich

@klercollective: The longer it takes to find your need, the less likely you are to want it anymore. Instant gratification wins #fusedesign #fuseuni #svampsb

@danielin: Good work is the single greatest threat to great work. #starwood #fusedesign #fuseuni

@coconattt: "If we ask the customers what they want, they would say faster horses" - Henry Ford #FUSEdesign

@brandeffervesce: #FUSEDesign cut the crap and be honest with your consumer. Jennifer Westemeyer UbyKotex

@klercollective: @Interbrand changing the "I want" a brand to "I am" a brand...people taking on characteristics/persona of their brands #fusedesign #fuseuni

jeremydipaolo: Brands no longer belong to us. They belong to our users. - Interbrand #FUSEDesign #fuseuni

@scottperezfox: "it's not that artists see the future--they see the present. Everyone else see the past." - Karim Rashid #fusedesign

@frogdesign: "listen to your customers. Don't believe them. Interpret" Mauro Porcini #fusedesign

Kitty_Hart: Design thinkers are in love with their customers. Mauro Porcini, 3M #FuseDesign

What did you notice from day one? Did we miss anything?

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