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FuseFactFriday: a revolution of responsibility

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Here at the Next Big Design blog, we're already looking forward to April when we will once again be heading to the FUSE conference. From now until April 18th, we're bringing back our popular feature from 2011: #FUSEFactFriday

Fuse Fact Friday will highlight some of the key takeaways from the 2011 conference, including inspirational quotes, main themes and more. Each week, we'll dive in to our 2011 executive summary and remember some of our favorite presentations and moments from last year. Today's FFF Fact is:

We are witnessing a revolution of responsibility.

The Power-Aware Cord
by The Interactive Institute

A number of the stories told at Fuse 2011 illustrated this point, from consumers moving away from goods towards experiences, towards more "green" design, towards trends of honesty and corporate programs of sustainability and social good.

For example:

' Cheryl Swanson/Toniq shared with us the power cord which
lights to show resource drain, making invisible consequences

' Michio Kaku inspired us to lie less since it actually uses more
brain power

' Christine Mau of Kimberly Clark spoke about the Kleenex triangle pack.

Ren??e Whitworth of Flood Creative wrapped up this theme in our 2011 executive summary "My personal net on this theme: rather than discard, we should first try to deconstruct in order to eventually disrupt."

To find out more about this year's FUSE, coming up in Chicago on April 18-20, and the stories you can hear there visit the webpage. Plus, join us on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn to begin networking with the FUSE community now. 

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