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Google: Rising Above in a Downturn Economy

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Despite the struggling battles many companies are facing to survive, Google doesn't seem to be too worried about its future. Robert Hof , Silicon Valley bureau chief, recently had an interview with Marissa Mayer, Google VP of search products and user experience, in which she talked about the challenges to Google's power from the government and from the declining economy.

An interesting mantra that is thrown around Google is 'Scarcity brings clarity.' Even Google is doing better than most companies it still evaluates processes to see what makes sense and what doesn't. Mayer gives the example of being frugal with the development of their first gym. During the early years most employees worked 130-hour weeks in a row and so they became very out of shape. Giving less than $5,000, the team was forced to build a luxury gym really cheap.

So if you take a closer look at the luxuries offered by Google, you will see that they are able to do it through really cost-effective ways. How are your organizations staying innovative through this economy?

Read the full interview from BusinessWeek here.

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