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Hello Nature develops innovative chelation technology

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Hello Nature has developed new chelation technologybiochelation – a technology of natural origin based on vegetal peptides.

As a result, the company has introduced KEYLAN, a complete range of products in soluble powder, powered by KEY + technology, featuring iron, calcium, manganese, zinc and two complexes, KEYLAN MAX and KEYLAN COMBI. The goal of the new solutions is to supply micronutrients in a biochelated form to plants in order to optimize their absorption and, at the same time, to boost plant metabolism thanks to the peptide action.

Luca Bonini, CEO of Hello Nature, said the company has always studied the polyvalent properties of peptides, which are already in use in its biostimulant range of products. “After long years of research, we found out that peptides are also able to chelate micronutrients, in the same or in a better way than chemical components do, and in a 100 percent natural way” he noted.
KEYLAN is suitable to prevent and cure nutrient deficiency on a wide range of crops, through applications to the soil or by fertigation. The new range has an effectiveness comparable to that of synthetic chelates, is efficient with a broad range of soil pHs, is highly stable and water-soluble, and leaves no residues in the soil or in the crops. Moreover, it provides the same amount of micronutrient with only half the dose of any standard synthetic chelates, with obvious economic and environmental benefits.
“If peptides are the key, L A N is the acronym of what is most important: life, agriculture, nature,” said Bonini. “The product name KEYLAN embodies the essential values that we share.”
The KEYLAN range of products will soon be available for customers and distributors around the world following registration in each country.

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