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How can wealth management and social impact converge?

Posted by on 12 September 2023
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In an industry where strategies growth and stability often take centre stage, a new dimension has emerged—one that intertwines financial aspirations with the urgent pursuit of social impact.

As the world's attention turns to the unfolding events in Afghanistan, particularly the critical fight for women's rights, the wealth management industry finds itself at a unique crossroads. What can the wealth and investment management industry do to enable real and meaningful social change in the world?

Building a bridge between social impact and wealth management

We were honoured to be joined at the IMpower Studios by Taban, Founder & CEO, The Lotus Flower, following her appearance at the Women Mean Business Lunch in Monaco. During this interview, Taban discusses the journey that led to her setting up The Lotus Flower, what her organisation does, how the gap between social impact and wealth management is bridged through her organisations work and how people can get involved in the work Taban does.

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower, empowers vulnerable women and girls impacted by conflict and displacement so that they are safe, have opportunities to learn and given the tools to become financially independent.

Find out how to get involved here >>

The power of protest: Being a global ally in the fight for equality in Afghanistan

We were honoured to welcome Athifa Wathanyar, a terror attack survivor and Afghan Women’s & Girls' Rights Activist, to the IMpower Studios in Monaco to share her story as well as give a voice to the women and girls in Afghanistan. During this interview, we hear learn about the reality for countless women and girls who remain in Afghanistan, yearning for a future defined by empowerment and possibility.

The intersection between wealth management and the pursuit of social impact

Laura Dietz, Co-founder & Chief of Strategy, Task Force Nyx, joined us at the IMpower Studios in Monaco, to share the mission and work done to date of her organisation. In this interview Laura touches on what impact Task Force Nyx has made in the areas of humanitarian relief and international development, the intersection between wealth and investment and the pursuit of social impact or sustainability goals and what role investors can play in driving positive change and promoting social and environmental responsibility.

Task Force Nyx

Task Force Nyx fights for the futures and freedoms of Afghan women and girls, rescuing at-risk Afghan women's rights activists and their allies.

Find out more about how to get involved here >>

Under the spotlight:

Taban Shoresh

A former child genocide survivor, Taban is the founder of the Lotus Flower, a non-profit that supports conflict survivors and refugees in Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

The charity improves the economic, social and cultural chances for vulnerable women, girls and community members, and to date has impacted on more than 60,000 beneficiaries.

With a political activist father during Saddam Hussein's regime, Taban was imprisoned with her family aged just four, and they narrowly escaped being buried alive. After a year dodging bombs and bullets, they were finally flown to the UK by Amnesty to start a new life. Taban later worked within an investment firm in London, but in April 2014, everything changed. As she saw ISIS waging another genocide in her homeland, she returned to Kurdistan as an aid worker.

Back in the UK a year later, she knew she had to do more, and in 2016, she launched the Lotus Flower. Today, its safe center's for women and girls in Kurdistan offer a wide range of projects falling under the three pillars: Education and Livelihoods; Health & Safety and Peacebuilding & Human Rights. All programs are steeped in gender equality, and are built around the idea that when women and girls thrive, the whole community benefits.

Taban has featured extensively in the media, including the Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent, Grazia, HuffPost, Elle, Sky News, BBC News, LBC and CNN. She has received a Bravery Award from Hearst media company, and was a finalist in Red magazine's Women of the Tear awards.

Taban is also a One Young World Ambassador and has spoken at various global summits, alongside Sir Bob Geldof and the late Kofi Annan.

Athifa Wathanyar

Athifa Wathanyar is an educator, medical student, and women’s rights activist who has dedicated her career to providing education opportunities for Afghan girls from the Hazara community, a targeted and persecuted minority. In May 2021, Athifa’s survived a violent terror attack at her school which killed over 90 students and injured over 250 girls. After the Taliban further restricted girl’s rights to education, Athifa continued to teach young girls in secret, encouraging them to believe in their dreams and futures. Athifa and her two younger sisters also became leaders in the women’s rights movement, demanding the Taliban respect the fundamental freedoms for all women and girls in Afghanistan. Her peaceful protests were met with extreme violence; fearing imminent arrest, Athifa fled to a nearby country where she was soon granted humanitarian protection by Portugal. Athifa is a proud mother of two who dreams of resuming her medical studies. Athifa is requalifying as a mathematics teacher and continuing to fight for the rights of all women and girls in Afghanistan.

Laura Deitz

Laura has over 18 years of experience in global humanitarian relief, international development, and refugee response, working with international partners including the US Agency for International Development, the World Bank Group, and the International Rescue Committee. For the last seven years, Laura has served on the leadership team and board of a US public charity, scaling its single country mission to global operations in over 12 countries. Laura is the Co-Founder and Chief of Strategy of Task Force Nyx, responsible for strategic partnerships and outreach. Laura also serves on the Investor Relations team of a $5Bn private investment office. She lives in London, UK with her husband and four daughters and is a tireless women’s rights, refugee rights, and Autism advocate and ally.

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