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How Evolutionary Algorithms are Changing Consumer Innovation

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Evolutionary Algorithms have permanently changed the way we use the Internet and listen to music. In fact, EAs are the driving force behind companies like Google, Pandora and Amazon. Now, the science of Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) is being translated across all industries and literally changing the face of innovation.

Neighborhood types used in cellular evolutionary algorithms (Photo: Wikipedia)

This complimentary Webinar provides a case study driven seminar will share how leading consumer-driven companies like Dannon, Sprite and Fanta, as well as companies in retail, technology and financial services have implemented EAs to drive higher innovation success rates.

While consumers are not rational creatures, traditional market research often follows an assumption of complete rationality thereby limiting the consumer insights gained through those means. EAs have allowed researchers and marketers to overcome the irrationality conundrum and allow for testing of as many options as they have ideas in a quantitative, projectable manner.

How Evolutionary Algorithms are Changing Consumer Innovation 
Tuesday, October 30, 2012 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Presented by Amit Dhand, Executive Vice President of Global Client Services, Affinnova

This webinar will share:
' How evolutionary algorithms are changing the way leading companies innovate
' Case studies from products launched using EAs
' How to test lots of ideas quantitatively
' How the EAs account for the irrational consumer mind
' How to measure return on innovation from EAs
' How to use consumer choice to overcome traditional limitations of concept testing

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This Webinar will share best practices, dispel myths and show how recently introduced features, such as GPS tracking, photo capture, video capture and playback, increase the depth of data in a meaningful and measurable way, help you identify the opportunities in mobile and overcome challenges in managing the mountains of unstructured data that you can now collect, and understand how insights captured via mobile will allow you to deliver even more value.

ABOUT Amit Dhand

Amit leads the Global Client Services team at Affinnova, which is responsible for developing new accounts and delivering high impact business insights to existing clients. Amit joined the team in 2006 and has been the driving force behind Affinnova's adoption in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Amit's tenure has been characterized by significant increases in client satisfaction & repeat rates, while maintaining high employee retention.

Amit comes to Affinnova with a 10+ year track record in product innovation. Prior to Affinnova, Amit was at Catalina Marketing where he was responsible for an 800% increase in revenues over a 4 year period for trade and consumer marketing services. He started his career in New Product Testing and Forecasting at Information Resources Inc. (now Symphony-IRI).

Amit holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of Mumbai and an M.B.A. in Marketing from Virginia Tech.

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Affinnova is revolutionizing how the world innovates. The company's software and services enable marketers to develop better performing products, ads and designs. Affinnova's patented evolutionary algorithm reliably identifies the concepts with the greatest market potential from an unprecedented range of options. Global Fortune 500 companies depend on Affinnova to deliver higher success rates, bigger businesses and accelerated launch timing.

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