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How Street Gang Mentality Can Shape Innovation Methodology

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What if your innovation team started thinking like a street
FEI 2016 explores the new "Misfit & Gangster"
perspective to help you overcome conventional business models that impede innovation.
It's an interesting concept, right?
Antonio Fernandez- aka "King Tone"- former head of
the Latin Kings (the largest Hispanic street gang in the US) will share
firsthand experience of innovation on the fringe in the black market economy
and help equip you - the insider misfit - to drive change in your organization.
Alexa Clay, Founder, The Misfit Academy, Author, The Misfit Economy will join
Antonio during the Art of Hustle: Prototyping Deviance workshop to reveal:

Rapid prototyping lessons from drug dealers
and black market innovators that start-up entrepreneurs can leverage 
Commonalities between driving change within a
Fortune 500 company and hacking the culture of criminal organizations
Leadership lessons from the underground that
can be applied to formal institutions
Download the
brochure for full session details:
FEI 2016 will help you overcome bureaucracies and
entrenched power systems this May in Boston - we hope to see you there.
Use code FEI16BL
for $100 off the current rate. Buy tickets here:
We hope to see you in Boston!
The FEI 2016 Team

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