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How Technology has Improved the Experience of Pregnancy

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Though not everyone has adopted app-based pregnancy healthcare, it is slowly gaining traction. Women can now utilize the latest pregnancy technologies to make their life comfortable and avoid pregnancy-related complications. The following are ways technology has made it easy to monitor pregnancy and improve the lives of expectant women.

Personal Data Security

Data security is always an important topic in the health industry due to the sensitive nature of the data. Pregnancy apps have become a great resource for women to track the growth of the baby and to monitor their own health. Whether a woman is experiencing a planned or unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy apps will ask to input information which will be stored in the cloud and secured with state-of-the-art measures. This has made apps safe to use which means a woman shouldn’t have to sacrifice the benefits of the app for protecting her data.

Cloud vendors are secure and trustworthy and can help pregnant women archive any of their sensitive data. The cloud presents plenty of options to update health records and safeguard their pregnancy details. With cloud storage, only authorized people can access confidential health records. Unless a patient gives authority, no one else can obtain their sensitive information apart from their care physician or any other person working at the clinic. Of course, every woman out there wants to keep their health and personal data as confidential and secure as possible, and that's possible with all the available cloud storage solutions.


Of course, every woman would want to schedule an appointment with a gynecologist immediately after realizing they're pregnant. With pregnancy apps, expectant women don't have to travel several miles away for an appointment with their gynecologist; instead, they can download the app to their device and use it to interact with their care physician. The clinic or doctor who you first had an appointment with will help you get a pregnancy app and enroll you in a wellness program. Technology also equips pregnant women with everything they need to monitor their pregnancy. It helps reduce in-person appointments by allowing pregnant women to send their health data to doctors from the comfort of their home. That will not only save the time that expectant mothers spend waiting for a gynecologist in the office as well as wear and tear and gas wasted in the car. Pregnancy apps are convenient and offer the same care standard as in-person appointments would provide.

Online Registration

After downloading the app, pregnant women can register with their caregivers with just a few clicks. Pregnancy apps also pose general questions that help expectant mothers to track their health during their pregnancy period. After entering the information in the app, it is then stored in the cloud to make it accessible everywhere with an internet connection. Your doctor can log in their app and see all the details you have entered. Based on the information that an expectant mother feeds in the app and their initial examination, the doctor can get details of their health progress and predict any risk that a woman is likely to face during pregnancy.

Gynecologists can use this information to know women with a high risk for pregnancy-related complication. The app sends a recommendation for an in-person visit once the physician notices the risk of pregnancy-related diabetes. Appointments give doctors an opportunity to diagnose any uncertain issue and treat it if necessary. Besides predicting pregnancy-associated risks, technology can help send personalized information, which is tailored to the needs of each patient. Of course, the details that a woman enters in the app will determine her needs. Smart devices also remind pregnant women to keep up with their treatments and can help them monitor any pregnancy-related condition.

Though pregnancy monitoring technology is in its infancy, it is the direction that every pregnant woman is taking. Researchers are already working on a standard remote health monitoring app that will enable gynecologists and doctors from all over the world to share information. With a mobile device and pregnancy app, expectant mothers can send their health records to their doctor wherever they are. Doctors are also getting real-time information about the health of their patients, and this has made it easier to recognize any pregnancy issue and treat it as early as possible.

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