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Humans in Finance in #Lockdown: What role does finance have to play in the fight against Covid-19?

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This video in the series between IM|Power and Humans in Finance discusses the role that the finance industry itself has to play in the Covid-19 crisis.

Some of the highlights of the discourse include:

• Carl Hazeley: “I believe finance has an even bigger role to play, one of education and accountability”

• Paula McGinnell: “We are funding, what we believe, are the companies that will help us transition to a better future”

• Arthur Krebbers: “If you look at sustainable finance, that space has the tools, has the technology, to help direct money to where the need is greatest”

• Marie Ang: “There is an opportunity for finance to revisit how it sees success over the long term”

• Tom McGillyCuddy: “Finance should be engineered around how can we provide for our collective future - a better more sustainable and equitable future.” 

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