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Imagination at Work - My Mom Works at GE

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This year one of the highlights of our 2014 program is Women in Innovation, in addition, March is Women's History Month and in accordance, we would love to share this wonderfully inspirational promotion created by GE.

Marilyn Gorman, a Senior Executive Education Leader, at GE Crotonville, is one of the women hard at work at GE and she will join us at the Front End of Innovation 2014 Event discussing "Leaders Teaching Leaders,"  At GE, they believe in leaders developing leaders and create learning experiences that enhance collaboration across businesses, courses and career stages, connecting participants with each other and with a network of high-profile leaders.

One of GE's greatest differentiators is the focused amount of time and energy that leaders at every level commit to shared success - ensuring that employees, teams and businesses across the company continue to evolve and improve. Marilyn will also be joined at FEI by two of her colleagues as well, Doug Dietz and Emil Georgiev, from the Menlo Innovation Studio, Global Design, at GE Healthcare, who will present "Innovation Beyond R&D: Deep Consumer Empathy in Design Thinking."

You may remember that Humanity was one of the 5 Micro Trends we noted was going to shape the future and empathy falls right into that bucket.

The Menlo Innovation Ecosystem is a framework developed by GE Healthcare for application of Design Thinking at GE. They use this framework currently to address some of their toughest business challenges. When the Menlo innovation approach is applied to product or service design it brings forth a different complementary innovation approach that leverages the output of R&D efforts as a starting point.

This innovation approach utilizes existing technology capabilities, regardless whether they were developed in-house or available from other industries, in order to develop optimal human experiences based on deep empathy and intimate knowledge about the needs, desires and emotional drivers of customers and, ultimately, the patients

We invite you to join us and GE in applauding women in STEM, celebrating innovation everywhere and we hope to see you at FEI.

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