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Innov8tn Execution -- 3 Days of Tweets #BEI13

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Back End of Innovation '13 wrapped up after three days of great workshops, presentations and site visits.

It was a great conference, one of the best I've attended in the last decade--beyond traditional presentations, the incorporation of the site visits at Xerox Parc, PayPal and Intuit, plus, the all day workshops offering hands on, deep dives into the process of executing Innovation are true innovations applied to the conference format.

Real, consequential information was presented, ready to be applied by the participants. Great mix of industries represented by senior executives, consultants, and innovation practioners. Really a value if you're in the business of, interested in, or looking for innovation.  Be sure to attend next year's #BEI14 and the upcoming Front End of Innovation FEI.

If you're not a twitter follower, you should be. Gr8 way to follow information in a moment, a glimpse. If you are on twitter, please follow me @mobilepointview for more of my analysis and commentary on innovation, global technology issues, the mobile industry and global business.  I'll be posting some more of my thoughts here this week as well as at www.globalpointview.

Here are my tweets reflecting topics and speakers who made an impact on me during #BEI13.

21 Nov

GHOST MESSAGING? softwre that
scoops up all ur public content&dvlps interactive, artificial
intelligence bot that texts as u-after ur dead! Innov8 aftr ur gone! #BEI13
Ultimate Goal of Back End of Innovation? Innovation w Impact! That's a wrap! see you at FEI14 Thanks all!
Calvin Smith , Reverse Innov8tn is a solid source of new innovation.
Innov8tn is about speaking to
the custmr, not abt technology.
"People don't want a 1/4th inch drill,
they want a 1/4th inch hole"
Visiting -Cre8ng the new eBay, vignettes for merchants to experience innovation
Bill Demas, Turn. Innov8tn is burning boats, commitment to vision, cultivate culture.
Visit 2 -taking every moment and turning them into a shoppable opportunity. Cr8ing innovation thru omni-channel experience.
D4D, visit at "7 to get 1" design theory making Intuit into organism of innovation
Word of day- Pretendotyping
-pretend, imagine the intended functionality, mock-up, sketch, drawing
etc. and treat and use it as real.
Rachel Birney "What to do w people who Are all ideas & no action? Take good&execute them. All about execution."
Kurt Scherer "Innovation = change with impact" Simple. Powerful. Elegantly stated.
-"It is entirely possible for innovation leader to perform flawlessly and for innovation initiative to fail miserably.
"A warrior is not afraid to be a warrior". Innovation community,a discipline.launching global innovation certificate.
Combinatorial Cocktail Conversation w validates robot theory of strategic intuition
Dennis Hong Humanoids- Darwin ROBOT lead--amazing things-Robot's learning based on behavior. The future is now! Very KEWL!
Einstein: "innovation is combinatorial play". Steve Jobs:"Innovation is just connecting things" Combinatorial vision
Ken Favaro "Tru innovation is nothing more&nothing less-than a creative combination of existing ideas" Combinatorial vu
Innovation Failing Forward- CEO-"Mediocrity is biggest threat. Most companies are looking too small or or no risk "
CEO -"Those that start w strategy will fail. Start w ideas at the edge of strategy. Challenge strategy"
Innovation Failing Forward workshop-"Best ideas for innovation are Uncertainty&Ambiguity"
David Matheson, CEO "The work of Innovation is 3Qs-does anyone care/should we do it/can we do it?" BEI13
I love China. Mobile Building in Kunming. That's Executing Innovation :)
Great Piece! 7h Strategic Planning for New Ventures. Part I: What the heck is strategy? Prsntr
Paul Ruppert is a senior executive in the mobile industry having been

for new product innovation, development and launch; revenue driving and
globilizing markets within startups, fast moving large service providers
and Fortune 50 companies. He's driven over $300 million in revenues
over the last decade, and is a co-author of a patent enabling SMS to go
around the corner or across the globe. He blogs at www.globalpointview.com and tweets @mobilepointview .  He is one of the "Official Bloggers" for the Back End of Innovation conference.

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