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Innovate Your Business To Make It Grow (a song)

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C. Engdahl
The Big E of Big E Toys

For anyone in the U.S. that watched Monday Night Football last night, you know the weather in Minneapolis was a bit cold and blustery with plenty of snow over the last couple days. We got about six inches where I live, which is on top of the foot or so from last week (that made the Metrodome collapse). And it's actually started to snow again. Another four to eight inches are on the way. Winter wonderland indeed!

Last year I served up 'The Twelve Days Of Innovation'. And this year in the spirit of snow, to the tune of 'Let It Snow' I give you 'Innovate Your Business To Make It Grow'. Feel free to go caroling from cubicle to cubicle around the office.

Innovate Your Business To Make It Grow

Oh the recession outside is frightful
But Innovation is so delightful
And since stagnation is your number one foe
Innovate your business to make it grow!

The competition doesn't show signs of stopping
But it's the floor with their butts we'll be mopping
To avoid getting a tag on your toe
Innovate your business to make it grow!

When you finally see the light
And realize extraordinary should be the norm
You'll put greatness in your sights
And a new innovation you'll form

Don't make your customers start crying
Don't let your investors start sighing
If you're hoping for a successful IPO
Innovate your business to make it grow!

Happy Holidays. Merry Innovation!

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