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Innovation Crush: Amos Pizzey - Inside the Talenthouse

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Amos Pizzey, Talenthouse Co-founder (Photo: Wikipedia)

Amos Pizzey is the founder and president of Talenthouse, a platform that houses over 3.1 million creative talents who now have opportunities to work with some of the world's top brands and advertisers. Amos himself began his career at the age of 13, as the drummer for Boy George's Culture Club, and later produced and remixed music for some of the industry's biggest names, from Madonna to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Throughout his career, he has continually recognized the fact that for every artist (fashion, music, graphic design, etc) we know and love, there are dozens, if not 100's of unknowns who have the same - if not better - skills as those in his professional circles. Talenthouse is a means of giving those artists a chance to be seen, heard, collaborate... and make money.

On Innovation Crush, Amos walks us through his upbringing, his early career and social difficulties, to the hardships he and his family faced as he attempted to launch Talenthouse, and his one-love philosophies on life and art. Features special guest host, Susan Tie, marketer turned photographer; and a visit from the team behind Lit College Tour.

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