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Innovation Crush Podcast: Kyle Cease - Activate your Greatness Through Transformational Comedy

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"Every once in a while something enormous shows itself: an opportunity, a chance to become even better." -Kyle Cease

After several years into Kyle Cease's stand up career, the then all star comic developed a severe stage fright. The anxiety and fear of fainting and thus failing on stage became paralyzing to the point of physical illness. While seeking answers to his anxiety, he began the early stages of what grew to become the principles of Evolving Out Loud.

Almost immediately his career skyrocketed. In addition to booking two films, he shot what was then, the highest rated special on Comedy Central, EVER. Then the next year, he topped it. Along the way, Kyle used his own story to help others, and has developed his own brand of self coined "transformational comedy," helping every day individuals and the world's most notable personalities and organizations, activate their greatness.

On Innovation Crush, hosted by Chris Denson, Kyle shares the ups and downs of his story walks us through Evolving Out Loud, and makes us laugh and learn simultaneously.

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