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Innovative Building Architecture is in Order

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The US Energy Information Administration reports that buildings are responsible for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions, and that they consume more than three quarters of electricity produced by American power plants. Companies and architects have taken this into mind when developing, designing, and constructing new 'green buildings' for the future. The main theme in Matt Vella's post in Business Week is that building architecture is heading towards a new direction as the need for a greener world has come into play. One of the architecture organizations leading this revolution of green buildings is Edward Mazzria's company. As a design strategist, Mazzria used intricate building plans and the use of alternate materials to design energy efficient buildings. Mazzria has issued a public challenge for the building industry to reduce fossil fuel energy used in new construction by 50% immediately, and an added reduction of 10% starting in 2010. We have already seen a boost in the use of solar energy in the housing market, but now it seems as if the building industry is following suit quickly. It will be interesting to see the variety of materials, and the wide array of designs architects will use in the future to battle energy consumption.

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