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Inside New Dunkin Donuts Culinary Innovations

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Dunkin Donuts, an American global doughnut company and coffeehouse based in Canton, Massachusetts is a fast food chain where you can get a low-priced breakfast or lunch meals at a rapid period. According to DMR, at least three million customers order from Dunkin Donuts per day which makes their brand revenue $860.5 million yearly. How does a fast food coffee chain company keep its relevance throughout the 67 years it’s been around?

According to Forbes, partnerships that leverage key influencers play a factor into keeping the Dunkin Donuts brand maintained in order to continue the expansion of business growth. A bit of partnerships Dunkin Donuts has done is with athletes, sports teams, and other social influencers which kept its name out there. Another way Dunkin Donuts keeps its relevance is by having the Dunkin Donuts mobile app. By having the app, you can advantage the DD perks which provide discounts and coupons on food and drinks by paying with your mobile app each time you go to Dunkin Donuts. This will attract more coffee consumers to buy their coffee at Dunkin because they’ll benefit from all the advantages Dunkin Donuts provides for customers.

One factor which is a risk of taking is change within your brand. It can either increase your business growth or decrease it. According to Bustle, an example which took a small impacted path in the Dunkin Donuts brand were seven new food culinary innovations which were only sold in certain areas of Massachusetts. These food innovations were called Munchkin Dippers, Ham and Cheese Roll Ups, Gluten Free Fudge Brownie, Pretzel Bites, Waffle Breaded Sticks and Donut Fries. While some consumers enjoyed the Donut Fries which consumers posted on to their social media platforms and blogged the overall rating of the donut fries, some was as not satisfied with the waffle breaded sticks and pretzels bites. Bloggers wrote comments and posts that the pretzel bites should’ve had a different dipping sauce meanwhile they also stated that the waffle breaded sticks were too greasy.

Different innovations on well-known huge brands like Dunkin Donuts can take either a huge or low toll onto your business growth. Keeping a consistent change in your company can be a great way to explore what consumers enjoy and don’t. It can help you notify what you should include within your company and exclude.

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