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Investing in Africa: the truth from investors on the ground

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Why are investors moving into Africa, and how can the make the most of the market? Of course, it is not always positive - where are the risks and challenges? We hear from the experts, the investors who are actively on the ground and sharing what they have learnt.

  • Aziz Mebarek, Co-Founder of AfricInvest
  • Clarisa de Franco, Managing Director, Head of Africa Funds at CDC
  • Sam Mehta, Director of The Atlas Family Office
  • Zain Latif, Founder and Principal of TLG Capital



"The interest is there for African LPs, but it's not transformed into investment"

- Aziz Mebarek, Co-Founder of AfricInvest

Preserving the current LP base and keeping their confidence is very important, says Aziz Mebarek, Co-Founder of AfricInvest. Meeting expectations is not quite enough, so what else is needed?


"GPs need to have dedicated teams working on adding value to portfolios"

- Clarisa de Franco, Managing Director, Head of Africa Funds at CDC

Clarisa de Franco joins us for an exclusive interview and discusses the exciting areas in which investment is going through, and the problems with the fundraising space today that GPs should look out for.


"This is a good time to look at Africa and get smarter before we deploy capital"

- Sam Mehta, Director at The Atlas Family Office

As developed markets are seen a little more risky of late, what investment case can be made for LPs to invest in Africa now? What are the opportunities that bring family offices to Africa, and where are the opportunities and risks? Sam Mehta answers our queries.


What are the challenges when investing in Africa?

- Zain Latif, Founder and Principal at TLG Capital

The ability to understand and work with the differences in the political and social environment between all the countries that makes up the African market can be the biggest challenges when looking to invest in Africa, said Zain Latif. What should investors keep in mind before they go ahead?

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