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Investival Showcase
Championing Life-Science Innovators
18th November 2024NEW VENUE: Tobacco Dock, UK

Sustainability at Investival Showcase

LSX is committed to running events which are both environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. Learn more about our sustainability efforts and the steps you can take to make a difference below.


We believe a sustainable event focuses on three main aspects...

Social Responsibility

We want to run LSX World Congress USA in a socially responsible manner. To do so, we are focusing on:

  • Doing business safely and ethically
  • Considering wellbeing and accessibility
  • Creating a positive impact on our host cities and measuring those impacts

Environmental Responsibility

LSX World Congress USA will be run in an increasingly environmentally responsible manner, focusing on:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Designing our events to eliminate waste
  • Considering sustainability credentials for every item sourced for the event

Sustainable Development

Our aim for LSX World Congress USA is to promote long-term sustainable development — not only in the way we run the event, but also for the market in which we operate, committing to:

  • Using our content to support the sustainability of the biotech, medtech and healthtech industries
  • Developing close partnerships with relevant charities, companies and associations, and giving them a platform to promote their work in the field
  • Facilitating discussions on pertinent topics including: diversity & inclusion, gender balance, sustainability trends, the industry's impact on the environment and more
  • Improving access to our events for young companies and the next generation of biotech, medtech and healthtech leaders


Our mission is to give our colleagues, the markets we serve, and our wider communities access to extraordinary people and diverse insights.

Through our live and data-driven digital services, we cultivate connections, provide meaningful content, and celebrate authenticity. We strive to create a safe and transparent environment where unique perspectives and all ideas can be shared and acknowledged.

We believe in sustainability and continuous learning as it strengthens our people, our products, and our markets. In order to be more, we must do more. Together, we will continue to listen, innovate, and act as a driver of change to build a business that reflects the communities we connect.

Plan a sustainable trip

Follow these tips to minimise the footprint of your trip, give back to the places and communities that you visit and mitigate your impact on the planet.


Offset your carbon footprint

Consider buying carbon offsets to compensate for unavoidable travel emissions. By doing so, you’ll contribute to projects like forest conservation and clean energy that fight climate change.

Choose low carbon transport

Take the train or bus for trips closer to home. If flying, book non-stop flights in economy class. When renting a car, select electric or compact models. Walk, bike, or use public transit within the destination. Choose transport providers that prioritize energy efficiency and sustainable fuel.

Book lower emissions flights

Book non-stop flights in economy class and choose airlines that prioritise fuel efficient planes, sustainable fuel, and waste reduction such as recycling, to reduce the impact of each flight.

Travel slowly, but efficiently

Spend more time in fewer places and plan itineraries that minimise travel distances to reduce transport emissions. Immerse yourself in the destination to deeply connect with the culture.


Stay at eco-friendly hotels

Choose accommodations with energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water-saving measures in place

Conserve water and energy

Turn down the heat/AC at home before you leave and in your hotel. Decline daily housekeeping, take shorter showers, and turn off lights and electronics when not in use. Close the curtains to keep the room from heating up in the sun or getting cold at night. Also do this at home before departing.


Try local, sustainable dishes

Order dishes made with seasonal, organic local ingredients and try more plant-based delicacies to lessen your foodprint, support local producers, and savour the destination’s culinary heritage. Reduce your waste by ordering only what you can eat, avoiding buffets and dine in rather than ordering takeout.

Reduce single-use items

Bring reusable items such as toiletries, water bottles, shopping bags, and coffee cups from home to reduce the need for disposable items. When shopping, choose high-quality travel products and practical, locally-produced souvenirs that won’t end up in the bin.

Recycle and compost your waste

Utilise recycling and compost bins in airports, hotels, and while sightseeing to properly dispose of waste. Be sure to read any posted signage and sort your waste accordingly.


Support the local economy

Ensure your money stays in the community by booking locally owned accommodations, dining at local eateries, hiring local guides, engaging in community-based tourism, choosing providers that employ local people, and purchasing goods from local artisans.

Respect communities and cultures

Learn about local traditions, adhere to cultural norms, and participate in authentic cultural experiences. Be considerate of local people and ask permission before photographing others.

Get off the beaten path

Combat overtourism by choosing less popular destinations and visiting during the off-season or non-peak hours. You’ll enjoy less crowded experiences, reduce strain on popular destinations, and help distribute tourism benefits more evenly.

Engage in low-impact activities

Opt for low-carbon activities such as hiking, cycling, walking tours, or non-motorized water sports. Stay in designated areas; don’t touch, feed, or disturb wildlife; and avoid unethical experiences that exploit communities or animals. If booking a tour, look for an ecofriendly operator that uses low-emission transport and has eliminated single-use plastics.


FasterForward is LSX World Congress USA' approach to sustainability — moving faster to become a zero waste and net zero carbon business.

A series of activities and commitments carried out by Informa and its partners between 2020-2025 will ensure our events continue to become more sustainable, delivering a truly positive impact to the markets we serve. We will also actively help our partners, customers, and wider markets to achieve the same. Our FasterForward commitments include:

  • Enable one million disconnected people to access networks and knowledge by 2025
  • Become carbon neutral across our events by 2025
  • Halve the waste generated through our events by 2025
  • Embed sustainability inside 100% of our events by 2025

See the full list of commitments and find out more >>


Would you like to work with us on the sustainability of our event? Would you like to share your own story and efforts? Contact the event team or reach out to Informa’s sustainability team for more information: