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Is your firm undertaking diversity efforts? If not, why not?

Embracing-diversity-in-private-equityDiverse teams drive better decision making: it is a fact that a wide range of perspectives, ideas and opinions will ultimately produce better investment outcomes. How can leaders ensure that their existing teams, and new recruits have the skills, expertise, experience and attributes relevant to the evolving needs of the business and the market opportunity? How can investors engage with their investee companies to promote gender diversity through corporate governance?

Hear from:

  • Mirja Lehmler-Brown, Partner and Managing Director, Hayfin Capital Management

  • Paul Ward, Managing Partner, Pantheon

  • John Graham, Senior Managing Director & Global Head of Credit Investments, CPP Investments

  • Tania Daguere Lindback, Partner, BC Partners

  • Shelby Wanstrath, Co-Head of Private Equity Funds, Teacher Retirement System of Texas

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