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Leadership and culture: building a better business

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As non-financial risk is becoming a bigger challenge for banks and financial institutions, the leaders of the business need to step up to build a better culture and environment for their employees. But what skills do they need for that? We asked for the insights of key thought leaders in this area at RiskMinds International, and they shared their tips with us.

"We needed to make dramatic changes in the Lloyd's market"

The first female CEO of Lloyd's of London Inga Beale shares her experiences transforming the company culturally and technologically, while addressing key issues financial institutions face.

"I'm concerned that the recruiting video for finance is Wolf of Wall Street"

Terri Duhon, Non-Executive Director and Risk Chair, Morgan Stanley International, joins us at RiskMinds International to talk about the most pressing risks at the moment. Duhon explores talent acquisition, culture, management and leadership, diversity.

How do you engage your whole workforce?

Katja Rieger, Managing Director, Ripple Effect, shares what practical elements companies could implement to create better transparency and drive rational decision making.

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