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Lego, IBM, GE, J&J Rethink the Product Development Funnel

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Ideas drive innovation and fuel business decisions, but achieving continual rapid growth and building a sustainable innovation system that delivers effective and profitable results time after time is the competitive edge you need to achieve long-term business success.

There are a few organizations that have a comprehensive system in place for creating a sustainable innovation platform... and BEI: Back End of Innovation brings them to you in its "Process & Operational Excellence" track.

Learn how to Create a Sustainable, Repeatable, and Profitable Innovation System from the top leaders in your space:

' Keynote: Rebuilding LEGO: How LEGO Reinvested Innovation and Conquered the Toy Industry - David Robertson, Professor, The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania and Author, Brick by Brick: How LEGO Reinvented its Innovation System and Conquered the Toy Industry

' Rapid Prototyping: Building to Think, All the Way to Launch - Scott Mackie, Portfolio Lead and Dave Weissburg, Portfolio Lead, IDEO

' Energy Innovation Accelerator - Mark Bellamy, Innovation Program Manager, Marketing, GE ENERGY

' Sleeping Well Through the Night: The "HOW-TO" of Improving Manageability & Reducing Failure Risks of Innovation Execution by an Order of Magnitude - Greg Yezersky, Adjunct Lecturer, Innovation, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN (DEARBORN) and President, INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL INNOVATORS

' Knowledge Supply Chain - Matthew Hamilton, Ph.D., President, WELLSPRING WORLDWIDE, INC., and Russel M. Walters, Ph.D., Research Fellow, JOHNSON & JOHNSON CONSUMER PRODUCT WORLDWIDE

Visit our website and download the brochure to see full session descriptions.

If your current innovation system consists mostly of ideation sessions and creativity exercises, BEI's 'Processes & Operational Excellence' track will help YOU create a more consistent and successful innovation funnel.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston!

The Back End of Innovation Team

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