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Lessons learned from Covid-19

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Our very first virtual conference took place, welcoming 175+ senior risk management professionals, including 50+ experts and 30+ CROs. We invited some of our key speakers to join us for a catch up and to share their key learnings in 2020.

Martha Cummings, Former Executive Vice President, Head of Compliance Strategy & Operations, Wells Fargo:

The job of the risk manger and the job of the board director, particularly if you're on the risk committee, has always been a really hard job, and I don't see that changing for the better.

Closing banners 800 x 150 RM IntlWe also caught up with expert QuantMinds to get a better understanding of how the wider industry is faring.

Marat Molyboga, Chief Risk Officer, Director of Research, Efficient Capital Management:

I'd describe this year as March Madness. The stock market made all time highs in February this year, and then we saw the biggest 5-day drop since October and the biggest 20 day drop since the great depression.

JD Opdyke, Vice President, Enterprise Risk and Return Management, Financial Risk and Measurement, Allstate:

Robustify the ranges of parameter values that you think are relevant to your exercise, and make them wider and broader if you want your inferences to be good for a longer period than 2 months into the future.

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