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Live from FEI EMEA: Creating Shared Value for Business, People and Society

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We are in a paradigm shift. We are moving toward a transformation economy, people are looking for meaning, purpose, something bigger observes Elke den Ouden, Author of Innovation Design: Creating Value for People, Organization and Society, "the societal and economic challenges we are currently facing ' such as the aging population, energy scarcity and environmental issues ' are not just threats but are also great opportunities for organizations.

Innovation Design shows how organizations can contribute to the process of generating value for society by finding true solutions to these challenges. How can we capture value for ourselves in business ecosystems that care for both people and planet?"

Needless to say, the context of business has changed. Our challenge is to offer value to this new set of users. Borrowing value framework from social sciences: economic value for society, ecosystem, organization, and the user, the same is true for psychological value, sociological views, ecological value - identify these for meaningful, repeatable innovations.

  • Enable transformation
  • Do good
  • Do well
  • Enable pleasurable user-experiences

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