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Make Your New Year's Resolution to Gain More

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'We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.' - Albert Einstein

A new year brings new resolutions. We ask ourselves how we can change for the better, how we can develop our strengths both personally and professionally, and ultimately how we can train our brain to think differently and maybe even more creatively.

Join us to GAIN insight, expand your tenacity for complex problem solving and transform your capacity for whole brain thinking. The Creative Leadership Academy (CLA) is YOUR opportunity to develop and advance your creative talents as a core competency in 2012. CLA illustrates the value of creativity, inspires disruptive thinking and transforms the business leader into an architect of tangible creative. This is achieved through the unique combination of formats, exploration and hands on instruction which is unlike anything else in existence.

The CLA syllabus starts with real world BUSINESS CASES that demonstrate creativity in practice and directly link back to business results.
' Creative Leadership in Action
' Common Ground: Overcoming Boundaries and Finding New Purpose ' Re-Imagining the Crotonville Experience
' Biomimicry: The Newest Approach to Innovation
' Creativity is Our Business Currency: How Coca-Cola Builds Internal Entrepreneurial Capability and Spirit
' Driving Change from the Inside Out Engage with the world's most passionate and proactive thinkers.

The CLA PROVOCATEURS will expand your mind and encourage a creative flow.
' Andy Stefanovich ' Daniel Pink ' Chris Waugh ' Jonah Lehrer ' Andre Martin ' LiAnne Yu ' David Kuehler ' Luke Williams ' riCardo crespo

Become a creator through hands on CLA WORKSHOPS led by qualified instructors:
' Cultivating a Kaleidoscope Mind
' Food and Photo Styling - Secrets of a New York Stylist
' Flavor Creation
' Storytelling
' Visual Meetings and Teams: The Key to Practical Application of Creative Leadership

You are expected to deliver a breakthrough. This uniquely created experience teaches you how to achieve beyond the incremental.
Join CLA and learn how.
Regards, Your CLA Team
Download the syllabus to learn more: http://bit.ly/yfGEXA

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