Meet and learn from the world's leading risk managers

Making a great risk manager

Leadership skills you need at the time of COVID-19.

5eb17588956a1f06497109b1When crisis hits, everyone looks to leaders for guidance. So this edition of the RiskMinds eMagazine is all about thought leadership and the skills and ideas that could make you a great risk manager and leader.

Geopolitical expert Dr. John C. Hulsman shares with us the two key political risks emerging from the pandemic, and what we could expect in the coming weeks and months. Prudential Financial leaders share how pension de-risking strategies are faring in today's economic climate. And Jon Danielsson sheds light on the systemic challenges we face when trying to plan for the future. We also have some great tips for your next speech and some insight into economic decision making processes.

We hope you enjoy!

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