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“Certis is committed to developing and delivering solutions to help European growers produce healthy crops in ways that are better for the Earth and good for us all.”

Certis Europe offers crop protection products and expertise to the horticultural, speciality and arable sectors across all major west and east European markets. Proprietary products combine with those from supplier partners (including shareholders) to create a wide-ranging portfolio. Strategic teams, coming from countries across the region, manage Biorational Innovation and crop-focused portfolios. They have developed Integrated Crop Management programmes that include combinations of conventional and biorational products and all possible technologies, in different crops, countries and conditions and provide innovative, reliable solutions that help farmers and growers meet the demands of their markets. Certis Europe is a full-service sales and marketing organization with expertise and capabilities in development, registration at both EU and national level, and supply chain and logistics management.

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The Netherlands
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