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Nokia's Innovative Project to Improve Efficiency in the Classroom

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Our previous post mentions innovation at Blackberry, which is primarily used amongst business men and women to communicate in their hectic work schedule, but here we have come across cell phone innovation in a different market' In a country (South Africa) where there is so many underprivileged children, Nokia has found a way to team up with Mindset Network to create cell phones that are preloaded with educational material to help improve performance in mathematics among 10th grade students. According to this latest article, one of the most pressing educational challenges in South Africa is the need for improvement in math scores, especially among young girls. In a world where information is readily accessible instantly via the internet, it is good to see that cell phone giant Nokia is paving they way for innovation in the education industry. Nokia's Micheline Ntiru says: "Young people are increasingly using their phones to gain knowledge via the internet, social networking and interaction with their peers, so it makes sense to introduce learning through these devices.' Innovation in the classroom seems to be soaring to new heights in developing countries. We've recently written a post on how PC's are being integrated into desktops in Brazil to give more children access to computers. Satellite usage for instant delivery of educational information to cell phones should be just the beginning for Nokia. Innovation and creativity will help drive the birth of new technology in the classroom since education methods are constantly changing. It will be interesting to see what else companies have in store for this market'

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