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Novel Antibody Therapeutic Modalities - Antibody Therapeutics eBook Series

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Within antibody engineering and therapeutics, the industry is working on a number of different modalities, including monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), protein therapeutics, bispecifics, immuno-oncology checkpoints, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and CAR-T/cellular therapies. At the same time, work on these modalities is increasingly exploring new non-cancer targets.

In this latest edition of the Antibody Therapeutics eBook Series, we explore these novel antibody modalities, including:

  • Strategies to Innovate the Production of Next Generation Bioconjugates: From ADC development to tumor-targeting, there are still many lessons to be learned in the world of conjugation. This whitepaper reviews the latest common challenges and novel strategies for accelerating bioconjugates, across preclinical, research & development and CMC considerations.
  • Podcast: How to Create the Ultimate Bispecific: What does it take to create the perfect bispecific? That's what we asked Volker Schellenberger, President and Chief Technology Officer at Amunix Pharmaceuticals in a very first episode of the Life Sciences podcast.
  • Antibody Therapeutic Modalities Report 2020: In May 2020, the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics conference series conducted a study of industry professionals from around the world. This final report based on 166 survey responses reveals unique insights into the development of and approach to each of these novel modalities.
  • Antibody Therapeutic Development in Response to COVID-19: With the rapid spread of COVID-19 in 2020, there is a race to develop both a vaccine and therapies to treat the virus. Multiple traditional and off-the-shelf approaches are being clinically tested and validated for COVID-19 treatment. In this paper, we will evaluate the antibody therapies for COVID-19 currently in clinical trials and preclinical development.

Click the image at the top of the page or here to explore the report.

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