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Opportunity insights more than just market insights

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Executives at the Kellogg cereal and snack company felt they had learned all they could about school snacks from their market research with mothers and children. ' The answer was in the ecosystem. 

It wasn't from opinion leaders though; it was from janitors in the school lunch rooms. They knew everything that was eaten, thrown away, thrown in food fights, and traded on the cafeteria black market.
People can only tell us so much. 

They often struggle to tell us things they want because they can't fully imagine anything different than what they have today. These are the needs and wants unleashed by great invention. Opportunity insights require that we go beyond what people can tell us to learn what hasn't been articulated.
Consumers are influenced by others around them who may not directly have any stake in our brands or products. 

These influencers span the kaleidoscope of communities across the opportunity ecosystem. They often know and can describe attitudes and behaviors better than consumers themselves.  - Killing Ideas, Ch 4, Big Insights

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