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Opportunity requires a village, a vanguard, and then some!

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Exclusive First Read. Our final short excerpt from our Summer Innovation Book Club Pick: Killing Ideas -
You can kill an idea, you can't kill an opportunity By NewEdge CEO, Dr. Pam

We are each part of many opportunity ecosystems, overlapping, interacting, blending, and separating. For all of these opportunities that we participate in, one thing is true . . . opportunity is not something one person can take credit for. It is the result of countless efforts of discovery and creation.

The opportunities described in 'Killing Ideas' each have their own ecosystems'the companies named and consumers unnamed, influencers, observers and, in many cases, we at NewEdge have been involved.

We have touched the growth journeys of the majority of companies whose stories you have read. That said, we haven't called out our role because the truth is that everything good which has happened has been a combined effort of ours, the ecosystem, and our clients.

All growth is a team sport, all opportunity part of an ecosystem, and all big ideas the result of many contributions. - Killing Ideas, Little Epilogue

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