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Opportunity Thinking is about being realistic in seeing complexities and abundance

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Exclusive First Read Every week through October 2013, we will
post a short excerpt from our Summer Innovation Book Club Pick: Killing Ideas -
You can kill an idea, you can't kill an opportunity By NewEdge CEO, Dr. Pam

Both the optimist and pessimist miss true opportunity. Optimists see it everywhere, deluding themselves into thinking markets always want what they have, their capabilities will satisfy any need, and the check is always in the mail. They live in a world of perpetual tailwinds. 

Pessimists see just the opposite. 

Their funding is never enough, capabilities inadequate or under-appreciated, and their markets are always looking the other way. They live in a world of perpetual headwinds.

Opportunity Thinking drives a new realism for growth that is independent of our predispositions and personalities. It gives us a more disciplined view of opportunity'one that recognizes both its complexities and abundance. 

 When we look at the world through the eyes of opportunity, we will see change as an opportunity creator, think in new dimensions, be sensitive to new insights, and build connections with those we meet.

When we look at our organizations through the eyes of opportunity, we will see our common purpose around the core individual we serve, view tensions as the potential for something bigger, and interact with our colleagues as the collaborators they can be.

When we look at ourselves through the eyes of opportunity, we will see that we have a role to play in opportunity'to explore, farm, or mine it. We will know that only we can play that role, no matter what our position or profession, because we are a unique part of the opportunity ecosystem. - Killing Ideas, Ch 7, Big Future

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