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Overlapping and combining different mixes is where the real definitions of opportunity emerge

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The opportunity spaces companies define are often like a Venn diagram'overlapping and combining different mixes of the Six Sources. 

This is where the real definitions of opportunity emerge. Powerful, engaging, and strategic'they capture how we truly bring together the needs and wants of markets with the technologies, brands, business models, and organizational innovations that will satisfy them, surrounded by the conditions across the ecosystem that favor the two coming together. 
Kraft foods saw such starkly different territories for growth in food they split into two companies! 

The new company, Mondelez, formed in 2012, is the faster growing international snacks category with brands including Oreo, recently acquired Cadbury, and Ritz. 

One opportunity space is chocolate, with Mondelez setting a vision to be the world's largest chocolatier leveraging brands including Cadbury Dairy Milk, Milka, Toblerone, and Lacta. Spaces within spaces include three regions: India, Brazil, and Russia, and two innovation platforms: bubbly and bite-size chocolate. 

They are looking at spaces at the intersection of brands, using Cadbury packaging style for Oreos in India and creating a Cadbury Milka Philadelphia cream cheese for Europe. Mondelez sees other opportunities in marketing through digital technology, partnering with start-ups for developing mobile apps to drive impulse purchases.- Killing Ideas, Ch 5, Big Spaces

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