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Overnight Thoughts: Topics from FEI11

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After taking the evening to allow the richness from the past few days to fully percolate into my brain, I wanted to come back and share with everyone my assuredly incomplete list of topics that I saw come up at FEI11. Please feel free to build on this beginning list. Topics from this week: ' Creating an innovative culture' Embracing failure ' learn from your mistakes and give permission to make them ' Managing risk ' Leadership's role in innovation ' Culture has a role in defining strategy ' Networking ' Relationships are important and connections are powerful ' Follow the energy ' Collective Intelligence ' Creating a capacity for breakthrough innovation ' Strategic allocation of attention ' Co-creation ' 'can take us to new heights ' The power of the AND ' for example: o Technology AND Business innovation ' it's about both, not one or the other ' Thinking big picture ' Executing on breakthrough is hard, but critical, and often neglected ' Talent matters ' The power of video ' Open Innovation ' Communities are powerful ' can do a lot and teach us a lot ' Change is happening ' Social innovation ' innovation for the good of society

- Clay Maxwell (@bizinovationist)
Clay is a Business Innovationist with Creative Realities, an innovation strategy consulting firm. He is a frequent contributor to their Innovationist Blog where all things innovation are discussed. You can find out more about Creative Realities at www.creativerealities.com

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