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Peanut Butter + Jelly : Innovation + Design

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Capsule has been offered this pulpit to express a point of view'leaving
ourselves open for debate, discussion, rebuttal or any other response. Here is
our point of view:
Innovation is lonely. Innovation needs a mate. 
Hello design, come here often?
We started our firm on the basis of two things: innovation is the only
sustainable competitive advantage and design is the closest potential relative
of innovation known to us. Hence, we assert Innovation + Design equals something greater.
We see innovation as a partner in the world of design. And vice versa. This
has meant some rather interesting projects for our firm and some even more
interesting friends in the world of innovation, design, creativity and yes, business. 
Therefore, we will interview these friends and offer up their
perspective as confirmation or contrast to the marriage of Innovation and
Design. Essentially, this series of posts is the "let them speak now or
forever hold their peace," post. If there are no conscientious objections,
the two will be wed and from this day forward, and well, you know the rest of
the story. 
We will be interviewing people in innovation, new product development
and design for large and small brands, and hopefully you'll recognize all of
them in some way. They will all start with the premise of two things that can be
enjoyed and make a strong contribution on their own, but when paired they
achieve something greater than the math of one plus one equals two.
The first interview will be Kevin Gilboe, Head of Global Design, 3M.
Bacon + Eggs : 3M Innovation + Design

By the time we see you at the Front End of Innovation we hope a debate
has been sparked or a belief has been confirmed. If you have a point of view
and would like to discuss it, we will be posting these in the social world and
seeking perspectives. Feel free to comment, discuss, jab, or just confirm.
We look forward to seeing you at the Front End of Innovation event May
6-8th in Boston. If you're attending, please get our attention and we'll
include your thoughts in the digital conversation. If you're not attending,
send us a message and we'd be happy to keep you up-to-date with our
Thank you,
Aaron Keller
Managing Principal

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