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People are Great Advocates for Change & Great Change Obstructers

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By: Christina
Gerakiteys, CEO/Creative Director, Ideation at Work 
I have writer's cramp! Thirty-two pages of written notes, 74
photos, 12 speakers, countless Tweets, and Instagram and Facebook posts. That's
how Day One of the Front End Innovation Conference looks like in numbers for
But numbers don't quite catch the energy in the room, nor
the discourse that took place.  Numbers
don't show you the intensity and delight as thinking was challenged and eureka
moments experienced.
As we move further into the 21st century, life is all about the
people. In reality we have been innovating since time immemorial. What has
changed is the speed of change and the resources we use to instigate that
People are at the same time great advocates for change and
great change obstructers. According to Soon Yu, Global VP Innovation at VF
Corp, innovations may fail because of the ''walls people put up. Walls of fear,
apathy and disbelief'. 
Today we heard from several speakers about the importance of
big vision, and how this was crucial in imagining what was possible. And of
course vision is useless without the proper support and execution.
Many stories were told throughout the sessions. None more
powerful for me than those told by Alexa Clay and Antonio Fernandez.
Alexa Clay is the author of The Misfit Economy.  The Misfits are those intrapreneurs in large
organizations, who ask questions, and push boundaries and limits. Truth be
know, entrepreneurs are often considered Misfits as well. Traditionally, at
school, we were the ones most likely to be diagnosed with ADD, be in the music
group, the debating team, the school council, the netball team and the school
theatre, all at the same time. Alternately we were banished to the corridor
every other lesson.  Or if you're me ' a
nice mix of both.
Misfits traditionally Hustle, Hack, Copy, Provocate and
Pivot. So do the Mafia and most Bikie gangs. According to Alexa's research, and
Antonio Fernandez, there are skills required by top criminal bosses,
transferable directly into the business world, including leadership,
negotiation, hustle, pushing boundaries and knowing when to change tactics.
Vijay Govindarajan, or VJ for short, Best Selling Author and
50 Thinkers Winner, believes there are only three things we need to truly
master: managing the present; selectively forgetting the past; and creating the
future.  And he advises the Future is
NOW. We should be creating it NOW. And while this is all common sense, it's
certainly not common practice.  So
clients be warned! That 80:20 rule we've been speaking about, where 20% of your
time should be spent moving the business forward just became a non-negotiable.
So think big, dream big and think outside that proverbial
box.  And make no mistake, Creativity and
Innovation need the constraints of the box. If there are no constraints or
boundaries, we simply don't know what we should be rebelling against.

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