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Peptide Therapies — Small Biomolecules Address Big Health Problems

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Therapeutic peptides fill the molecular space between small drug molecules and proteins such as antibodies, with high activity, great chemical and biological diversity, and low toxicity.

Although they are often relatively complex, therapeutic peptides are easier and cheaper to produce than protein-based drugs. As a result, therapeutic peptides are being used to treat a range of conditions, including metabolic diseases, cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases, pain and hematology.

In this BioProcess International ebook, freelance journalist Marc Davis highlights current developments in Alzheimer’s disease treatment, focusing specifically on a peptide approach from Canadian company NervGen, while BPI’s senior technical editor Cheryl Scott adds perspective on developing and manufacturing peptide therapies from the Informa Connect community, with commentary from experts in the industry.

Look for remarks from George Perry (editor in chief of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease), Rodney Lax (PolyPeptide Group consultant), Michael Karney (CEM Corporation), Tom Barnes (Intellia Therapeutics), and Renata Varga (Teva Pharmaceutical).

Market survey results highlight drug delivery and company collaboration, and conversations illuminate manufacturing technologies and quality by design.

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