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Phil Duncan, The Procter and Gamble Story #FUSE2010

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Phil starts by saying its a big challenge to continue the success that P&G has had, and for him it's all about "changing the conversation." Sometimes it can be difficult to merge "perfecting the process" with "expressing our creativity" at P&G; however, having both sides proved to be integral for the success of the brand. Because P&G is so large and manufacturers so many products, being in every developed country (and expanding further) the challenges prove to be even harder - how are we connecting real solutions to P&Gs current and future consumers.

Phil offers us 5 Ways to Change the Conversation:

1. Execution is Strategy
-Execution is the only strategy consumers see.

"How do we help women go from the hair that they have to the hair that they want?" The design team worked to create a shelf block and regimen of the Pantene product that will aide the consumer in picking not only shampoo, but the connecting products that go with the regimen.

2. Thrive Inside
-Design can thrive within the business world without losing our uniqueness.

3. The Power of &
-Breakthrough comes from using both, to the right degree.

"How could we make Tide even more relevant?" They re-framed Tide by creating the first Tide Dry Cleaners in Kansas City. The location engages the customer by utilizing sight, sound and importantly smell. P&G works to consistently showcase Tide as "the" product for cleaning clothes - and the consistently rising market shares show that P&G are not far off - Tide is success.

4. 15 Megabytes of Fame
-Design can create the conversation

With the new Old Spice campaign, 8 million people watched it in two months and the new video has over 2 million views. Phil shares some spoofs of the ads - check them out on YouTube.

5. Purpose-inspired brands
-By harnessing purpose, brands can make a difference

For the Safeguard brand, P&G helped create a program that helps kids learn to wash their hands and even save their life. With the Tide "Loads of Hope" program, the company helps to bring a clean load of clothing to families who have experienced tragedy, like Hurricane Katrina.

We encourage you to learn more about P&G.

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