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Powerful Women are Changing the Face of Innovation Leadership

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What do love, belief and mindfulness have to do with
innovation? According to P&G's Karen Hershenson, everything.
In order to create the conditions for successful innovation,
you must shift your focus from what you are doing to who you need to become.
With characteristics like empathy and emotional intelligence being heralded as
the next generation of leadership traits, women are poised to become the
leaders to deliver breakthrough innovations, highly effective teams and
transformed individuals.
In honor of Women's
History month, the FEI team is happy to share a spotlight on these woman
innovators taking the keynote stage at FEI 2016:

Harvard Business School's Dorothy Leonard,
William J. Abernathy Professor of Business Administration Emerita uncovers The
Paradoxical Relationship of Deep Smarts with Innovation
Karen Hershenson, Leader, clay street project,
Procter & Gamble sharing P&G's approach to Innovation from the
Alexa Clay, Culture Hacker & Innovation
Strategist, Author, The Misfit Economy, Co-Founder, League of Intrapreneurs on
The Misfit Economy: How Ingenuity on the Fringe will Shake Up Mainstream
Plus, this impressive
list of women challenging your innovation assumptions in 2016:

Alison N. Campbell, Research Scientist, Small
Molecule Design and Development, Eli Lilly & Company
Allisha Watkins, Shopper Marketing Lead, MARS
Ann Thompson, Co-Founder, The Garage Group
Annette Fritsch, Director of Research and
Product Innovation, Boston Beer Company
Carrie Nauyalis, Innovation and New Product
Development Solutions Evangelist, Planview
Cristin Moran, Front End Manager, 3M
Cynthia Bouthot, Director of Business
Development, Center for the Advancement of Science in Space
Deborah Mangone, Senior Director of Worldwide
Innovation, Pfizer
Denise Fletcher, Chief Innovation Officer, Payer
& Pharma, Xerox
Diane M. Gayeshi, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of
Strategic Communications, Roy H. Park School of Communications, Ithaca College
Janeen Uzzell, External Affairs & Technology
Programs, GE Global Research Center
Jeri Andrews, Partner, Intellectual Ventures
Julie Anixter, Executive Director, AIGA
Kathy Sheehan, EVP/Global Managing Director,
Consumer Trends, GfK
Kerry Preete, Executive Vice President, Global
Strategy, Monsanto
Kristi Zuhlke, CEO & Founder, KnowledgeHound
Leslie Muller, Co-Lead of The Shop @ VSP Global,
VSP Global
Lisa Maki, Co-Founder & CEO, PokitDok
Marla Hetzel, Director of Innovation, AARP
Nancy Go, VP Brand Marketing, Wayfair
Natalie Sweeney, Founder, Smuggling Innovation
Robin Beers, SVP, Head of Customer Experience
Insights, Wholesale Internet Services, Wells Fargo
Sheila Mello, Product Development Consulting
Stephanie Porter, Senior Manager, Customer Strategic
Marketing, Hasbro - Walmart
Vera Murton, Director of Future Innovation,
Liberty Mutual
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All the best,

The FEI Team

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