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Rank the Qualities Needed to be an Innovation Leader

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A consistent theme in innovation research is that the people involved in the effort are the final differentiator between success and failure. However, there is little data to help guide the selection, development, and assessment of senior innovation leaders.

To close this gap, Celent and Mick Simonelli, former senior innovation executive and thought leader, are partnering to survey innovation professionals to determine their priority ranking of the qualities of successful senior innovation leaders.

The survey explores four areas: technical business skills, leadership qualities, personal attributes, and previous job experience. For each, the survey lists seven or eight characteristics. Participants are asked to rank them according to their relative priorities -- from most important to least important.

The results form a snapshot of what, for this community of practitioners, contributes the most to the success of an innovation leader.

If you would like to participate, please click on the link below:

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