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Why MIFID 2 is an opportunity for fund managers

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Now that it's live, MIFID 2 is making headlines in the world press, framed as a punishment for past misdemeanors and the catalyst for a new Big Brother-style regime in the asset management industry. But to data analytics fans, MIFID 2 is also a massive opportunity. Starting in Europe, but inevitably spreading to global firms located in other jurisdictions, asset managers are being forced to collect detailed data about past investment decisions that - if used proactively - can be utilized to make measurably better ones, in the future.


Clare Flynn Levy
CEO, Essentia Analytics

Renowned fintech entrepreneur, behavioural finance evangelist and former fund manager, Clare Flynn Levy's mission is to empower humans to make measurably better investment decisions.

Richard Balarkas
Compliance Solution Strategies

An independent advisor and board director, Richard firmly believes portfolio managers can win from MiFID 2 by enabling investment management to prove their value add by capturing the data in the decision process. The proven performance improvement this generates is a win-win for both fund manager and the end investor.

Catherine Doherty
Managing Director, Investment Management Business Insights, Accenture

Helping build world-class research and benchmarking capabilities, linking to Accenture's breadth of technical and transformation skills. Specialties: Investment management business consultancy.

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