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​​​​​​​Last year we celebrated 25 years of RiskMinds International, but this year is no less extraordinary. We're delighted to be joined by even more risk leaders and experts. Great RiskMinds don't think alike, which is why it's so special to us that over 750 members of the risk management community are present. Together we can meet the challenges of the next decade.

We wanted to celebrate excellence and recognise leadership, innovation, and cultural change in risk management. That's what Tuesday's RiskMinds Awards is all about.

With this magazine, we wanted to provide you with guidance on what is happening at RiskMinds International at all times. We would hereby like to thank the members of the RiskMinds community who shared their comments and expertise with us - not only in this magazine, but throughout the year on On the next page, you will find the results of our annual CRO survey, and we hope that the articles will provide you with new insights and help you get the most out of RiskMinds International.

Enjoy the conference and remember to visit for year-round thought leadership in risk management.

Vincent Beard, Editor, RiskMinds International

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